Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Egg fun

Since today was so rainy and yucky outside, we decided to have a nice lazy Friday at home. For today's project, we dyed Easter eggs!! It was so much fun! Owen did great...he wanted to do it all by himself, and to my surprise, he did a good job on handling the eggs..he was very easy and gentle with them and did not break a single one!! He loved spooning them out of the cups and then decorating them with stickers. Afterwards, he was equally entertained by taking them in and out of the carton and telling us all the colors and then putting them all back in! He was so careful and easy with them!!! He knows all of his colors and his current favorite is purple...ha! Not exactly the most masculine color...but nevertheless it is cute and adorable how he likes to find purple everywhere. In fact, the staff at Harris Teeter thinks it is hilarious how he always wants a purple balloon...they try to get him to get blue, but he insists on purple...last month it was orange...I know he'll be back to blue or red the meantime, purple is his fav!

Owen was very excited!!!

He is very proud of his eggs

Dyeing Easter eggs

Loved putting stickers on them...

What a fun and lazy day!!! Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


This morning as I was listening to our sermon, I kept thinking about how special and thankful that I was to have this special little guy as my son. It's hard to believe that this outgoing toddler was once a shy baby that would never let us out of his sight. Relying on faith has helped us get through the easy....and the not so easy times. Our pastor focused on keeping faith as part of your every day practice and I totally agree that with faith you can move mountains and work wonders. My hopes is that this sweet little angel will always have faith in everything that he does and hold God close to his heart in all of his dreams and journeys in life. Owen LOVES these peanut butter eggs. We got them from a local church here in K-ville (there is an article in the Our State magazine about these eggs). He is so cute....he says church eggs....MORE! ha!
My mom's birthday was April 2, we celebrated it on April 1....what a blessing it was so celebrate her birthday. This is about the best pic we could get...he is sooo busy!!! Owen's favorite...peanut butter and jelly and cheese balls...YUM! A lot of times we will both have a PB and J and he just loves it!! I think it makes him feel special that we both are having the same lunch! ha! A child is sunshine and moonbeams and more brightening your world as never before.
Children are a sweet new blossom of humanity.
Potty training ...we told him that Thomas goes to potty and he ran and got Thomas and got on the how the small things make things work....
Children are a handful sometimes, a heart full all the time
Children are such a beautiful way to start life...he is such a happy boy!!! He loves cupcakes!
Tacky cupcakes for mom's birthday!
A child will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for...
I pray that Owen has faith in every situation that he encounters in his life. I hope that he understands the importance of faith and has a strong relationship with God. The sermon today really touched my heart on not loosing faith in anything in your life and believing in what you can't see....that's faith! Owen we love you so much and you have brought is so much happiness and joy in our lives. We love your sweet smile, beautiful personality, and even at 2, you express love for your church, God, and the Bible. Such a sweet way to start life!