Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's a BOY!!!

Guess what? We are having another boy!!!! We couldn't be happier.....more importantly, everything looks great and the baby is growing and developing wonderfully...that is a true blessing!  I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and I didn't expect to find out. Brent had already planned to come to the next one so that we could find out together.  Dr. Ross did an ultrasound to check on fluids, etc, and in the middle of it she asked me, "Do you want to know".....wow...I was shocked...I knew Brent would understand. She said you are having a BOY!!! She double and tripled checked and yep it's a boy for sure ;-) She also said that this is a very active baby....every single ultrasound I have had, he is bouncing all over the place, which might explain why I can already feel him move...what a great feeling. I love that feeling, it's my favorite part of being pregnant! 24 more weeks and I get to meet him! Can't wait!

Our sweet baby boy sucking his thumb....we are in love again!!
Big brother is getting all ready! He is so excited...and so sweet to me. He always tells me to be careful. I love how he looks out for me. I love this little man so much! I cannot believe that I am going to have 2 boys!!! We are so blessed in every way. 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Monster Trucks

Last month, Brent and O went to Lowe's and built a firetruck at their Build and Grow program.  I did a post about all the fun they had on that day and you can read it here  This past Saturday, they had another program and the project was a Monster Truck. 

Brent said O was a big help with his mini-hammer.  I am so glad they can enjoy these father/son activities.  Brent just adores his Daddy and it makes me so happy to see that. 

Afterwards, they looked at the lawn mowers inside the store and then went to the park to play.  It was nice for me, because I can get so much done around the house when it's just me! 

Glad my two boys had a great time.  Next month they build Santa's sleigh, so I'm sure O will want to get involved in that one too.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall Festival at the Y

 Each year, our local YMCA hosts a fall festival for the community.  We have never been before, so we decided it would be a fun place to take Owen.  After Brent got home from work, we headed over there not knowing what to really expect. 

It was actually pretty neat, they had probably 10 or 15 different activities set up in the gym and they also had a hay ride and maze outside.  O enjoyed getting his fact painted.  He chose a fire truck, which is one of his favorite toys.  He also got a stamp on his hand.  We really didn't know why he chose it, but he later told us it resembled a ferris wheel.  Ever since we went to Tweetsie and he rode the ferris wheel with Brent, he periodically mentions them if something reminds him of it. 

While we were there, O enjoyed the bowling lane, gone fishing game, duck match game, bean bag toss, cake walk, and a soccer goal.  After we played inside, we decided it was time to go outside for the hay ride.  When he saw the tractor, he got so excited...I'm telling you, he is all about tractors! 

Since it was getting late, we headed to The Loop for dinner and then let him enjoy some of the treats he won from the festival.  I love this time of year and it makes me so happy to see our little man having so much fun.

Oh, the Colors of Fall

Brent took a few days off of work, so we decided to do what everyone else does this time of year...go see the beautiful colors in the mountains.  Since I graduated from App State, I always enjoy visiting the Boone area.  We made our way up the mountain and we stopped in Downtown Boone to enjoy some of the sites and stores.  O's favorite store (ours too) was the Mast General Store.  He had been so good so we let him pick out a toy and some candy.  No surprise to us whatsoever, he picked out a red tractor.  Go figure!!  He loves his tractors. 

We then walked over and spent a little time on campus.  Since classes were in session, we didn't exactly fit in.  A couple with a two-and-a-half year old and another one on the way isn't exactly the norm on a college campus.  Nonetheless, we enjoyed it and were able to spend some time in the Bookstore.  There was a lot of construction going on, so O was able to enjoy watching the tractors work.  He later said that was his favorite part.  Again, absolutely no surprise to us! 

We grabbed some lunch and then wanted to head up to Blowing Rock and enjoy some of the stores and the park there.  We knew the President was in NC that day, but didn't know or bother to check his tour schedule.  We were stopped in traffic heading towards Blowing Rock when they told everyone we had to turn around.  Every road was being closed and every turn we took led to another closed road.  Fortunately, we found a back road that took us to 421 and we headed back home. 

After a stop along the way to let O run around in a park, he took a quick nap and we got back home.  The leaves were perfect and the weather too, already looking forward to heading back sometime soon.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Friday Night Fun!

This past Friday, Owen went to Mimi and Papa's house to spend the night and go to Tuttle Farm on Saturday morning. Owen loves going to Mimi and Papa's, he loves riding the tractors, trucks, and running freely on all their land! I sure wish we had a big yard like they do, he loves just to take off and be free....don't have to worry about cars, roads etc...he has a ball! Here are some pics of the farm, they all had a great time..We are hoping to take Owen back before they close at the end of October....he loves tractors, trains, and animals....my good ole country boy! Love him! Thanks Mimi and Papa for taking him, he had a ball!

Having fun with Mimi

Owen on the giant hay trator

nothing beats being on a tractor with Papa

cutest pumpkin ever

Saturday, October 1, 2011

O's Exciting News

Owen has some very exciting news he would like to share with everyone...

Yep, that's right...he is going to be a big brother next April. We are extremely blessed and excited about being a family of four next year. The expected arrival date is April 12!

Owen is so excited!! He loves to rub my tummy at night and tell the baby good night, see you soon. He also says he is going to share Thomas, his blanket, milk, and all his toys with the baby. He is going to make such a great brother...I can imagine that he is going to want to help with everything! (probably a little too much at times...ha)

Stayed tuned for more updates....we find out what the baby's sex is the week of Thanksgiving....heartbeat has been relatively high (170ish) so according to the old wives tale that spells GIRL! We will see :-) I will take either....just a healthy normal baby is my prayer.