Sunday, October 9, 2011

Friday Night Fun!

This past Friday, Owen went to Mimi and Papa's house to spend the night and go to Tuttle Farm on Saturday morning. Owen loves going to Mimi and Papa's, he loves riding the tractors, trucks, and running freely on all their land! I sure wish we had a big yard like they do, he loves just to take off and be free....don't have to worry about cars, roads etc...he has a ball! Here are some pics of the farm, they all had a great time..We are hoping to take Owen back before they close at the end of October....he loves tractors, trains, and good ole country boy! Love him! Thanks Mimi and Papa for taking him, he had a ball!

Having fun with Mimi

Owen on the giant hay trator

nothing beats being on a tractor with Papa

cutest pumpkin ever

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carroll1954 said...

We had so much fun this weekend with Owen. We loved taking him to Tuttle's, we all had a ball. He loves the outside here, he picks up acorns and sticks in the yard and puts them in his wagon. He loves the big tractor, little tractor, ole blue and the green truck. Can't wait to see him again,

Papa and Mimi