Saturday, August 30, 2008

Baby Owen's Crib

Baby Owen's crib and furniture has been ordered!!! Baby Owen will be sleeping in style! We decided on this bed because it looks like only a crib; however, it is a conversion crib, which later will be used as a toddler and full-sized bed. We figured it was best to go ahead and get this so we will not have to turn around and buy three different beds! We can't wait until January when Owen arrives, so he can sleep peacefully at night(hahahaha) in his bed.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Baby Owen's First Outfit!

Baby Owen received his first outfit today, thanks to Rodney, Martha Jo & Gracen Denton! I got home from work to find a package addressed to Brent, Mary, and Owen Carroll.... I was so excited, I could hardly wait for Brent to come home so that we could open it together. Owen is going to look so handsome in his new duds!! Especially this one, since it was his first outfit... thanks Martha Jo! We love you!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


IT'S A BOY!!!!! It's all blue from here!!! Brent and I are so excited...Brent is all smiles, he is so excited that he is going to have a son! I am too of course! Baby Carroll also has a name.... Owen Thomas. Owen is Brent's middle name as well as his grandmother's last name and Thomas is my maiden name. This name is perfect... we decided this months ago if this were a boy that would be his name! Owen is still expected in the beginning of January... consequently Brent's birthday is January 2... we'll see... they may have the same birthday! How neat would that be? Stay tuned for ultrasound pictures and nursery plans and pics to come!!!! Let the fun begin!!!
20 weeks

Friday, August 15, 2008

19 weeks

19 weeks!! We are getting super close to the half-way point! This week has been very exciting for me, I have felt more "flutters" in my stomach than the weeks before! It's amazing.... after I eat or drink something he/she goes to town! It feels so neat, I can only imagine what is to come! You can tell from the pics that there is quit a change from week 17 to week 19.... my stomach has doubled and I am starting to feel pregnant! It's so neat.... people in the grocery store, mall.. etc are starting to notice and ask when I am due. They don't give you that strange look of whether you are pregnant or have developed a gut! We find out in 5 days if baby Carroll is a boy or girl??? Brent and I both have speculations that it is a boy.... have no idea why.... I guess we will just have to find out! Yes, we do have names picked out for both... stay tuned for this VERY exciting news!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

17 weeks

Bare Belly!!! 17 weeks... almost half-way there!!!

13 weeks

13 weeks! The sickness is wearing off.... thank goodness and I am starting to feel much better!


Welcome to the Carroll's blog page! After looking at all my other friends' blog, I decided that this would be a great way to keep family and friends informed about us and our first pregnancy. Yes, I said pregnancy... for those who do not know, Brent and I are expecting our first bundle of joy around January 6th (they keep changing the due date...that's the latest). We are so excited... we have so much to look forward to in the upcoming months...the nursery, registering, shopping, showers, birthing classes, and everything else that comes along with the preparation of a newborn! At this point we are clueless... advice about nursey musts and those that you could have done without will be greatly appreicated! Currently, I am 19 weeks (Thursday), we find out a week from today what the baby's sex is... we can't wait... check back to find out!

May 3 - got our first + from home pregnancy test! Yippie!!! Could this be true???? I was shocked, unsure, excited, and estastic all at the same time!

May 6 - confirmed pregnancy via blood test! The moment that Brent and I have been waiting for - we were so excited and feel that this was a true blessing from God!

May 12 - our first ultrasound, yes there is a sac and we got to see our little bean...along with several cysts... scared me but we got through it.

May 19 - (6 weeks) our second ultrasound - the bean had tripled in size... cysts were still there.....

June 11 - (9 weeks) our third ultrasound... the cysts were normal! Yes.... everthing is finally normal. Wow! What a relief and blessing! We are so thankful!

July 2 - (13 weeks) Everything looked great, all tests came back normal! We are also measuring a week ahead... we'll see!