Saturday, August 30, 2008

Baby Owen's Crib

Baby Owen's crib and furniture has been ordered!!! Baby Owen will be sleeping in style! We decided on this bed because it looks like only a crib; however, it is a conversion crib, which later will be used as a toddler and full-sized bed. We figured it was best to go ahead and get this so we will not have to turn around and buy three different beds! We can't wait until January when Owen arrives, so he can sleep peacefully at night(hahahaha) in his bed.

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carroll1954 said...

It looks like "BABY OWEN" is going to be sleeping in style. He won't have to ever get use to a new bed. Just think, in a few months you two will get to experience " long days and short years." right now you don't know what that means, but in time you will.

We look forward to more pics and updates.

Love you guys. Mom and Dad C.