Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I think I will be like Mommy and....

RUN!!!! Owen loves, loves, loves to carry around shoes...throughout the house....he points to them and says "oes"..... For some reason he is obsessed with my running I figured we would give them a try...haha a bit too big buddy....maybe he'll be like me and LOVE to run :-)

Ready...set....let's go !!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Daddy Visits Kindermusik

Welcome to Kindermusik!!!

Hello, Hello, Hello to our special greeting song that we hear every Monday morning as we enter into the doors of Kindermusik. Owen LOVES it!!! In fact we have talked about it so much that Daddy had to come see what it was all about....and boy did he get his eyes FULL!!! Owen was dancing around.....clapping his hands and hamming it up like he usually does every Monday morning....Daddy really had a great time and loved watching Owen enjoy himself as well. Kindermusik is awesome and we love it! We are excited about signing up for a new session this coming spring...we are hooked....Kindermusik ROCKS!

Owen plays with his friend Hayden

LOVES to "ride in the boat"

playing his instrument with Mommy
Owen and Daddy getting ready to leave for Kindermusik.

This kiddo hearts Kindermusik

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

In Sickness and in Health

The Carroll's have been hit hard with colds and the stomach virus this totally forgot how rough the stomach virus was???? Our sweet Owen has had several colds and this past week he got the stomach virus(this was worse than any cold)...poor little guy!! He was a trooper....and remained happy and jolly through it all. Mommy and Daddy on the other hand, could barely move....guess it hits us older folks a bit differently! Anyway, we are all thankfully on the mends....go away sickness!!! We are ready for spring and wellness!!!

What sickness? He loves running around with my jacket on...such a silly and fun little boy!

Monday, March 1, 2010

13 Months and Walking!

Turn your necks and enjoy the short clip of our precious O walking....hope you don't get a crick!!!(thought you could rotate it once you download it...apparently not...or I not computer savvy enough to figure it out) He has been taking 6 to 7 steps for the last month...but not really mastering the whole walking thing...until now..He is so much fun these days, loves to walk....and walk everywhere! He is very hard to keep confined to one space anymore...loves to make circles around the house and always has to have his hands full of toys while walking....too funny!!!

Owen continues to amaze us everyday with his leaps and boundary's of his development. He not only walks but he is also talking quite a bit these days. His favorite words are bye bye, boon, eeee(elmo), ood oy (good boy), papa, ky(sky),own (down..hear a lot of that one in the high chair), ar(star) and uice(juice). He can also follow commands very well and points to tell us what he wants...which makes it much easier to figure out what he wants. He loves to wave to and blow kisses when it is his idea. He loves to be around people....such a sweet natured little guy! We love you OTC!

Vacuuming Anyone?

Owen loves the vacuum and tries to help with vacuuming...combined with laundry and helping me unload the dishwasher...I feel this little man will have quite the chore list when he gets older...haha I bought him his personalized Elmo vacuum so he could vacuum with his while I used the real one....doesn't really work as well as I thought...haha.
Owen hard at work

ummm doesn't work as well on the carpet...

Enjoying this beautiful weather!!

Two weeks ago we had a heat wave!!! It felt so nice outside that we could not wait to get out and take advantage of this gorgeous weather. We bundled up and headed out....Owen rode his wagon and pushed it...then he decided that he wanted to push mommy in it...haha too funny!! This little guy LOVES being outside...spring can't come soon enough!!!!

My precious Owen pushing his wagon

Now, this is something that you don't see everyday!!!

and...he's off!