Friday, March 26, 2010

Daddy Visits Kindermusik

Welcome to Kindermusik!!!

Hello, Hello, Hello to our special greeting song that we hear every Monday morning as we enter into the doors of Kindermusik. Owen LOVES it!!! In fact we have talked about it so much that Daddy had to come see what it was all about....and boy did he get his eyes FULL!!! Owen was dancing around.....clapping his hands and hamming it up like he usually does every Monday morning....Daddy really had a great time and loved watching Owen enjoy himself as well. Kindermusik is awesome and we love it! We are excited about signing up for a new session this coming spring...we are hooked....Kindermusik ROCKS!

Owen plays with his friend Hayden

LOVES to "ride in the boat"

playing his instrument with Mommy
Owen and Daddy getting ready to leave for Kindermusik.

This kiddo hearts Kindermusik

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