Saturday, October 30, 2010

Truck Or Treat

On Thursday, Owen's school had their truck or treat. My dad and grandma joined us and helped pass out candy to all the kids at his school. This was O's first experience with trick or treating and he really liked it. At first, all he wanted to do was to go on the playground....that's a boy for you!!! He became more interested after realizing that there were candy and suckers involved. After his class went through, he loved sitting in the truck watching all the kids come by and get candy. It was very hot....80 degrees...poor monkey was about to burn up in his outfit!!!! What a fun day we had!! Afterwards we went to Chick-fil-A (O's fav restaurant) and he came home and conked out! What a fabulous day!

Owen playing the piano for grandma before the festivities...grandma sneaks in a kiss!
Dad passes out candy... Owen loves his sucker

Mommy helping O trunk and treat

You should of seen some of these trunks....they went ALL out!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Party at FOL

Today was a big day at Owen’s school!!! His first Halloween party!! I am one of the room moms in his class and it’s our job to help coordinate the parties. It went great…we had lots of yummy snacks, neat goody bags, and most importantly, all of the kids had a lot of fun. Owen loves his class and teachers and was VERY excited during the party. His teacher commented that he was definitely the life of the party today. He had a great time and so did I. On a sad note, his teacher notified us that next week will be her last week at his preschool. We hate to see Miss Gretchen leave, but we wish her the best with her new job.

Owen's class eating snacks at the party.


Owen's festive artwork from class today.

Goody bags from the party.

The night before the party...O helping me bake cookies for the party.

Are they done yet?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Little Mountaineer

Brent took off this past Friday and we all headed out for a day trip to Boone. What an awesome time we had! We dove up and Owen did great in the car….who knew a few good purchases of books and toys could provide hours of entertainment… especially if they have anything to do with trains and fire trucks!!! We got there and walked all over campus. Owen was more interested in how many steps he could go up and down….ha… too funny! We took some great pic…pretty much had the whole campus to ourselves…it was fall break! We walked downtown and went into one of my favorite stores….the Mass General Store….Afterwards, we went out to lunch at Backyard Burger and then headed for a drive up the Parkway. While O napped mommy and daddy got to view all the beautiful scenery. Of course, O did not napp for long, so he got to enjoy some of the viewing as well. I think he was fine with that…because he was still worn out from all the walking we did on campus and downtown. After we got off the Parkway, we went to Blowing Rock…played on the playground and went in for some quick shopping in the downtown area. As you can imagine, most of the stores in Blowing Rock aren't exactly “toddler friendly” full of glass figurines and other breakable items….didn’t want to take any changes! Ha! We had an awesome trip! We ate dinner out….put O in his sleeper and we read in the back for most of the way home. What a GREAT trip…I love Boone….it’s so relaxing up there!!!!

Owen taking a quick break while going up and down all of the steps!
My sweet mountaineer

Owen checking out campus

Mommy's little mountaineer

sweet boy

Even walked by the fire station in downtown Boone. They showed O the firetruck, let him "drive" it, and gave him a hat! He LOVED it. Talked about it the rest of the day!

candy from the Mass General Store

loves being on Daddy's shoulders

running around campus

Howdy Ya'll, Look Who's 21 Months

It is hard to believe that our little baby is going to be 2 in just 3 short months!!! It’s hard to believe that you are not a baby at all…you are a very, very busy and sweet toddler!!! Owen is around 26 lbs and at the last check up he was over 34 inches tall….You change more and more everyday….

You are talking up a storm….anything that you say you can bank that he will attempt to repeat it in his own language. When we are in public, he wants everyone to know who his mommy and daddy are….He points to us and broadcasts mommy…and daddy….and he puckers up for a kiss….sooo sweet! He has become so comfortable around others and loves to wave and say hey and bye to everyone!

Owen loves preschool- his teachers tell us that he is very smart and sweet and they tell us how much they love his little personality!

He can now walk up and down steps independently, talks in two word sentences, loves his cars, tractors, fire truck, and trains! He loves Chick-fil-A, school, parks, being outside, throwing balls, talking on the phone (or pretending to), coloring, playing hide and seek, baths, water, and being around other kids in general. His latest thing is that he loves lining up all his trucks and tucking them neatly under the sofa before he goes to bed. The next morning….first thing…he throws his hands up and his eyes get big as saucers and he says “CARS” and darts off to retrieve them from the night before. Too funny! He dislikes some strangers, anything that round and round(ie carousels), swings, and most vegetables...ha( the whole eating thing is a hit ot miss never know)

In the past couple of months Owen has also learned how to throw quite a temper tantrum! We try our best to ignore them and to teach Owen that you do not get your way behaving in such a manner, but I will be the first to tell you it is HARD! It seems like they are getting shorter…and less intense!! Whew….this is one phase that I will not miss!!!

On most nights he remains to be an excellent sleeper…seems like lately he has woken up a lot…gotta be those top molars! We always know when he is teething because he wakes up so much at night.

Owen, you are such a joy to mommy and daddy’s life and we just love to pieces! We can't believe how quickly you are growing up.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Preschool Derserves a CLAP

The last two days Owen has not cried at all when he arrives at his preschool....this is quite the change from dragging him in and having the teacher peal him off of me. In fact, today to my surprise, we pulled up in the parking lot and he started clapping his hands!! Yay! He hearts preschool and that makes two very happy parents! So much easier to drop him off and leave when he is happy!O, we are so very proud of you!
Jumping for JOY because I LOVE preschool!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Fun

I love Sundays...not only because it is the Lord's day but we also get to spend time with our family! Today we went to our church here in K-ville and then drove to Reidsville for a yummy lunch with the Carrolls!!! Owen LOVES going over there! He gets to ride the tractors and truck!! He talks about it all week and you should see his face when we drive up....TRACTOR....claps his hands and he is off to the shed where the tractors are parked! Too funny! Here are some pics of this afternoon! EnJoY!
Running with Papa

Loved throwing acorns off the deck...who knew that could be so entertaining
Our sweet little boy

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fun With Our New "Toy"

Brent and I have been wanting a new camera for a while now...our old one decided that it would break while we were at the zoo...soooo what better time for a "early" Christmas present! YAY! We purchased a digital SLR and got home and had absolutely NO clue on how to operate all the manual settings and features...ha!! It has been quite hilarious....nevertheless we are learning and slowly but surely become professionals! haha! Anyway, here are a few snaps that we took over the last 24 hours with our new toy!
Also, I must include that I am going to try to do better on my blog post. Everywhere we go, I hear family members and friends comment on our blog and how they keep up with our lives through that. I must admit that I have done a horrible job of, please forgive me-I will try to post weekly updates of our lives and our very lively and busy toddler!!

fun times at the pumpkin patch
he loved lining up all the pumpkins(kind of like he does his cars)! too funny!

checking out the "bumps" on the pumpkin
Good morning good morning! (notice all of the cars in his hand)

First thing he does EVERY morning is to go in the playroom and make sure his cars are still there from the night before...and...he has to line them up EVERY morning! He is so incredibly cute how he evenly parks them under the couch every night. Very particular and concerned about his cars!

Beautiful face O!

Loves to walk down the steps all by himself...gets frustrated when you try to help....go figure....Mr. Independent!