Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Little Mountaineer

Brent took off this past Friday and we all headed out for a day trip to Boone. What an awesome time we had! We dove up and Owen did great in the car….who knew a few good purchases of books and toys could provide hours of entertainment… especially if they have anything to do with trains and fire trucks!!! We got there and walked all over campus. Owen was more interested in how many steps he could go up and down….ha… too funny! We took some great pic…pretty much had the whole campus to ourselves…it was fall break! We walked downtown and went into one of my favorite stores….the Mass General Store….Afterwards, we went out to lunch at Backyard Burger and then headed for a drive up the Parkway. While O napped mommy and daddy got to view all the beautiful scenery. Of course, O did not napp for long, so he got to enjoy some of the viewing as well. I think he was fine with that…because he was still worn out from all the walking we did on campus and downtown. After we got off the Parkway, we went to Blowing Rock…played on the playground and went in for some quick shopping in the downtown area. As you can imagine, most of the stores in Blowing Rock aren't exactly “toddler friendly” full of glass figurines and other breakable items….didn’t want to take any changes! Ha! We had an awesome trip! We ate dinner out….put O in his sleeper and we read in the back for most of the way home. What a GREAT trip…I love Boone….it’s so relaxing up there!!!!

Owen taking a quick break while going up and down all of the steps!
My sweet mountaineer

Owen checking out campus

Mommy's little mountaineer

sweet boy

Even walked by the fire station in downtown Boone. They showed O the firetruck, let him "drive" it, and gave him a hat! He LOVED it. Talked about it the rest of the day!

candy from the Mass General Store

loves being on Daddy's shoulders

running around campus

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carroll1954 said...

That trip looked so FUN! Just think, Owen was up there the day before ASU beat Western Carolina, 37-14. Who knows, Ltle O might be a Mountaineer one day, after all, his mom and papa were one.

Love you, Papa