Saturday, July 30, 2011

Whoopie Pies

Last week, Brent got on a Whoopie pie kick....a made from scratch whoppie pie kick..inspired by the Food Cooking Network program we were watching one night and a nice article in the Sunday paper. He cut it out a month ago and FINALLY made them....he talked about it everyday, so I was glad when he made them. It was hilarious....Brent was very into his "whoopie pie making" while he thought it would be a great idea for his 2 1/2 year old side kick to join in....well, that is when things got interesting! I cook with Owen often, but it is simple 2-3 step ingredients....Brent had about twenty different things going into these pies...and Owen was cramping his style! ha! I thought it was hilarious, I couldn't help but to laugh....Owen was grabbing everything and Brent was getting flustered! Anyway, Owen did help and the whoopie pies turned out great! We had SO may of them we gave them to neighbors, friends, and family. I truthfully think that Brent was glad to see them out of the house. Neither of us were that crazy about them! I think it was just the idea of making them that inspired Brent! ha!

Brent hard at work.

Ummm helping daddy....look at that mischievous face...what can I get into next ?


The end result!! Pretty impressive sweetie! good job :-)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thank Goodness for Happy Meals and puzzles

I'm guilty...of going by McDonald's several times a week to get Owen Happy Meals...especially since the Smurfs are here....gotta collect all of them right? He LOVES their chicken nuggets and their hamburgers so we go and he is so happy. Owen is (has been) going through a very picky stage so those are two of the 10 things that I know that he will eat. He loves them and gets very excited when we pull up and when he gets home. Here are a few pics of his guilty pleasure!

Happy meal = happy meal :-)

Owen also loves puzzles. He loves them and is so focused when he is doing them. He will sit there for 30- 45 minutes doing his puzzles. I am super proud of him and he is equally proud of himself. Love seeing his little brain grow and pick up on so many new things every day! He is such a bright little boy...LOVE HIM!

Monday, July 18, 2011


Owen LOVES Chick-fil-A!!! We go there more than I would like to admit….Owen just has a thing for their nuggets!!! He loves them. Plus, I love the restaurant…not only the food, but also the cleanliness, the service, and that they are closed on Sundays!!! I think they are a great Christian company with fabulous fast food! YUM! This year, I had almost forgotten about Cow appreciation day (hence, the lack of fully dressed cow customs that Owen and I are in). If you dress up like a cow you get a free entree of your choice…so….I cut out some patches…taped them to our shirt, got out some eyeliner to paint our noses, and off we went!!! You should have seen how excited he was to be dressed like a cow…seriously…he was so careful not to pull off his patches on the way over. I was worried that by the time we got there the patches may be all over the car..haha!!! Anyway, it was a simple, fun, last minute idea…free meal and Chick-fil-A fun!! Happy Cow Day!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blueberry Farm

I love, love, love blueberries!! They are probably my most favorite fruit…I love them in cereal, oatmeal, pancakes, smoothies, etc….I remember 5 years ago (maybe longer) Oprah had a huge segment on how powerful blueberries are for your health….they are supposed to make you look younger and help with your memory….(I have yet to see results in either of these departments…I feel like I forget more so than ever and I am noticing more and more wrinkles everyday…ha!) I started to incorporate them in my diet…I really acquired a taste for them and besides the awesome health benefits, I truly love them and eat them daily!!! YUM!!!

Owen loves them too (on most days), so we decided to take a little trip and meet up with some friends to pick blueberries. We had a great time. Owen did not hardy pick any…he was too busy stuffing them in his mouth…which was fine because the place that we went doesn’t use any sprays or chemicals on their bushes…so they were safe. He, Mattie, and Blaze were so busy eating, running around, and playing in the mud…talk about a mess….he was in old shoes, so I just let him be a boy and get dirty…and that he did!!! It was fun and we are planning on going back soon….blueberry season is short, so we have got to hurry back!!!

I just love this pic...Owen loves Mattie....he tells me she is his best friend!!!

Having a great time!!!

Partners in eating!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy 4th!!

Happy July 4th!!! We had an amazing 4th…very quiet and laid back…we usually go to the beach, but this year Brent has been super-busy at work and we just decided to stay right here in K-ville. It was the perfect day….parade in the morning, dinner at the Loop (one of our favs) and fireworks that night. We had a really bad storm and I was super-worried that they were going to cancel them….luckily, it cleared up and we were able to head out and enjoy them. This was the first year that Owen had ever seen them. Typically, he is in bed by 9:15, but this year we thought he would enjoy them. We had been talking them up all day…when we got there…he was scared to death!!! Poor thing was trembling b/c we were very close and they were extremely loud. We lasted about 5 min…and he was not having it so we headed to the car where he LOVED watching them from there. We opened up a bag of treats and just enjoyed ourselves thoroughly in the car. Hope everyone had an amazing 4th!! Happy Birthday America!

Our sweet hard to get all of us to smile....Owen was far more interested in the parade

Owen meets Uncle Sam

loved watching the fireworks from the car...

Beautiful!!! Happy Birthday America!!! Thank you God for our freedom!

Had to through this one in...we took it before church on Sunday...what a cutie!