Monday, July 18, 2011


Owen LOVES Chick-fil-A!!! We go there more than I would like to admit….Owen just has a thing for their nuggets!!! He loves them. Plus, I love the restaurant…not only the food, but also the cleanliness, the service, and that they are closed on Sundays!!! I think they are a great Christian company with fabulous fast food! YUM! This year, I had almost forgotten about Cow appreciation day (hence, the lack of fully dressed cow customs that Owen and I are in). If you dress up like a cow you get a free entree of your choice…so….I cut out some patches…taped them to our shirt, got out some eyeliner to paint our noses, and off we went!!! You should have seen how excited he was to be dressed like a cow…seriously…he was so careful not to pull off his patches on the way over. I was worried that by the time we got there the patches may be all over the car..haha!!! Anyway, it was a simple, fun, last minute idea…free meal and Chick-fil-A fun!! Happy Cow Day!!!

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carroll1954 said...

MOO Little Man. All dressed up for cow appreciation day. You're such a sweet and handsome little man

love you,

Papa and Mimi