Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy 4th!!

Happy July 4th!!! We had an amazing 4th…very quiet and laid back…we usually go to the beach, but this year Brent has been super-busy at work and we just decided to stay right here in K-ville. It was the perfect day….parade in the morning, dinner at the Loop (one of our favs) and fireworks that night. We had a really bad storm and I was super-worried that they were going to cancel them….luckily, it cleared up and we were able to head out and enjoy them. This was the first year that Owen had ever seen them. Typically, he is in bed by 9:15, but this year we thought he would enjoy them. We had been talking them up all day…when we got there…he was scared to death!!! Poor thing was trembling b/c we were very close and they were extremely loud. We lasted about 5 min…and he was not having it so we headed to the car where he LOVED watching them from there. We opened up a bag of treats and just enjoyed ourselves thoroughly in the car. Hope everyone had an amazing 4th!! Happy Birthday America!

Our sweet family...so hard to get all of us to smile....Owen was far more interested in the parade

Owen meets Uncle Sam

loved watching the fireworks from the car...

Beautiful!!! Happy Birthday America!!! Thank you God for our freedom!

Had to through this one in...we took it before church on Sunday...what a cutie!

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