Saturday, July 30, 2011

Whoopie Pies

Last week, Brent got on a Whoopie pie kick....a made from scratch whoppie pie kick..inspired by the Food Cooking Network program we were watching one night and a nice article in the Sunday paper. He cut it out a month ago and FINALLY made them....he talked about it everyday, so I was glad when he made them. It was hilarious....Brent was very into his "whoopie pie making" while he thought it would be a great idea for his 2 1/2 year old side kick to join in....well, that is when things got interesting! I cook with Owen often, but it is simple 2-3 step ingredients....Brent had about twenty different things going into these pies...and Owen was cramping his style! ha! I thought it was hilarious, I couldn't help but to laugh....Owen was grabbing everything and Brent was getting flustered! Anyway, Owen did help and the whoopie pies turned out great! We had SO may of them we gave them to neighbors, friends, and family. I truthfully think that Brent was glad to see them out of the house. Neither of us were that crazy about them! I think it was just the idea of making them that inspired Brent! ha!

Brent hard at work.

Ummm helping daddy....look at that mischievous face...what can I get into next ?


The end result!! Pretty impressive sweetie! good job :-)

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