Monday, April 8, 2013

K-ville Christmas Parade

On Sunday, December 2nd, we went to the K-ville Christmas parade.  We love parades and luckily Kernersville has a lot of them. Owen loves to watch the fire trucks, bands,cool floats, and of course catch and eat all the candy that he can possibly get.  Ha! The weather was warm…which was nice because we didn’t have to bundle both boys up so much.  We had a great time and it certainly put us in the Christmas mood!

Thanksgiving Fun!

We hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We sure did! This year we were able to celebrate Thanksgiving with both sides of our families, which worked out really well.  On Thanksgiving Day, we enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving lunch at the Carroll’s. The weather was so beautiful that we were able to go outside and enjoy the gorgeous day! We also snapped some pics for Mimi and Papa's Christmas cards, hence the red sweaters!

 On Saturday we had lunch at my parents.  It was very tasty and once again the weather was fabulous, so we got to go outside and play.  We sure are thankful for our families and all that God has given us.

FOL Thanksgiving Feast

Each year, Owen's preschool has a Thanksgiving Feast. Brent was able to meet us there again this year. Each class had a different them and his class was dressed as pilgrims. He was so cute in his tall hat! Each person in his class had to decorate a letter in the word 'Thanksgiving' and they stuck them down in a jar of candy corn.  Such a cool idea!