Monday, November 19, 2012

Farmer's Market

This past Saturday, we headed to the Farmer’s Market because they had an antique truck and firetruck show. 
 Early in the week, my father-in-law told us about it, so we decided to go.  Although it was freezing, we had a great time.  

 Owen enjoyed looking aroundand he even got to sit on a few of the trucks. Great way to spend a Saturday morning with the family!

Trick or Treat

Boo! Happy Halloween! Hope y’all had a wonderful Halloween.  We sure did!  Our Halloween started off with ordering pizza from Pizza Hut (yum), dressing everyone, attempting to take pictures (that’s always a chore…ha!), bundling up, and heading out for some trick or treating fun! 

 Our neighborhood was packed full of adorable kids and their families.  Owen had the time of his life…he would go to the door, once again shouting trick or treat long before they gave him candy….followed by a loud thank you. 
Often times (which we told him not to do) he would analyze the candy they were giving him…telling them “oh yummy, I like chocolate, or that looks so good, or even sometimes he asked for one more” He then would dart down the stairs and head to the next house.  

 Occasionally, he would even see a big pile of leaves and go flying in them! Oh boy…the life of having boys! Ha! Anyway, about halfway through I took Gray home and Brent and Owen went to a few more homes. 

They came in and warmed up with some yummy hot chocolate and Owen picked out 2 pieces of candy…he even shared some with us!  It was a fun and exciting Halloween.  I love experiencing holidays through the eyes of a child. What a fun night it was!

Halloween Party Fun

Owen had his Halloween party at school this past Wednesday.  This year he wanted to be a train conductor… if you remember, last year he was the exact same thing.   

Fine by us, that just meant we did not have to fork out extra money for a costume However, he has made it clear that next year he is going to be a fireman or Jake…ha…wonder how many times this will change? 

 Anyway, I am the room mom in his classroom, so I had to be there to coordinate the party and art activities.  I was hesitant to commit myself because I wasn’t too sure what I would do with Gray.  Luckily, Brent took Halloween off (thank you sweetie) so I could fully commit myself to the party.  I am so thankful that he did because it was a lot of work entertaining fourteen three year olds….I seriously think that all his teachers have to take naps after school everyday!  It was exhausting but nevertheless fun. 

After the party, art activities, and game we rounded up the gang and headed to the parking lot for some trunk or treat.  The trunks were amazing! The parents who participated did an awesome job. Owen and the rest of his class thoroughly enjoyed going around to each car.   

They were all very into trick or treating this year. They would all shout trick or treat way before they got to the car….followed by thank you before they even got the candy! ha  The teachers and I were laughing so hard at them. They were all so cute!

Mighty Mason

If y’all follow me on Facebook you know how passionate I am about this little boy.  Mason was born at 21 weeks, weighing just over a pound.  He has fought hard for his life and has overcome many obstacles.  Last week, he was able to come home...what a blessing!!! I could not imagine a better Thanksgiving gift. God is so good!  Please pray for Mason, and also join me in welcoming him home. Please pray for his family during this time…that he heals, grows, and develops into a healthy boy!
This story amazes me. His parents are strong Christians and they have counted on God’s faith through every trial they faced with Mason.  I truly believe that God has healed this little man and that he has great things in store for him.  This story has made me take a look at my own life.  

 Because of this story, I am a stronger Christian, mother, and wife.  It made me really take a look at my own kids and appreciate all that I have to be thankful for.  It also made me realize that there is no problem too big or small for our almighty God.  I couldn’t even imagine what this family has been through…but one thing is for sure, through it all they have rejoiced, prayed, and relied on God’s faith to get them through.  Although this story is sad in many ways, this family has chosen to remain positive and pray knowing that God will see them through. They could have chosen to have a “pitty party” (which they had every right to do) but instead this has brought them closer to God.  They have touched many lives by sharing this story…I sure do know that it has touched mine.  I can’t wait to shake mighty Mason’s hand had one day and tell him what an inspiration that he was to me!

Fun with the Meadors

Several weeks ago Owen, Gray, and I packed it up and headed to the Meadors for some pumpkin fun.  We love the Meadors! Cameron and I have become close friends as well as our boys.  Our boys are so close in age and it is so much fun to watch them play and have fun together.  

 Owen and Liam call each other best friends and always want to get together and play.  I am so thankful that Owen has such a sweet best friend.  Liam’s parents are amazing and I hope they are always best friends! 
Cameron and I are both exhausted after a playdate with these two, because they are typical boys…on the go from one thing to next.  One thing is for sure - after these two get together, they take great afternoon naps, because they both wear each other out!   

We love getting together with them, they are so much fun and Cameron and I always enjoy each other’s company….even if it is crazy, they are boys after all…and we wouldn’t have it any other way!