Monday, November 19, 2012

Trick or Treat

Boo! Happy Halloween! Hope y’all had a wonderful Halloween.  We sure did!  Our Halloween started off with ordering pizza from Pizza Hut (yum), dressing everyone, attempting to take pictures (that’s always a chore…ha!), bundling up, and heading out for some trick or treating fun! 

 Our neighborhood was packed full of adorable kids and their families.  Owen had the time of his life…he would go to the door, once again shouting trick or treat long before they gave him candy….followed by a loud thank you. 
Often times (which we told him not to do) he would analyze the candy they were giving him…telling them “oh yummy, I like chocolate, or that looks so good, or even sometimes he asked for one more” He then would dart down the stairs and head to the next house.  

 Occasionally, he would even see a big pile of leaves and go flying in them! Oh boy…the life of having boys! Ha! Anyway, about halfway through I took Gray home and Brent and Owen went to a few more homes. 

They came in and warmed up with some yummy hot chocolate and Owen picked out 2 pieces of candy…he even shared some with us!  It was a fun and exciting Halloween.  I love experiencing holidays through the eyes of a child. What a fun night it was!

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