Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Fun

Happy Memorial Day everyone!! We are so blessed to live in this country!! We are so thankful for our freedom and those who fight to make it possible!! Today, Brent didn't have to work, so we headed to the pool to have a jam-packed fun day.....and that we did!!! Owen LOVED the soon as we pulled up he was squealing in excitement and pointing....WOW...and we haven't even gotten to the doors yet??? Owen really enjoyed himself... splashing in the water, playing with other kids' toys (thank goodness they were good sharers), going under the waterfall, and being held in our arms when he was unsure about the dept or circumstance of the water. Lucky we got there at 10 to beat all the storms that started to pop up just as we were leaving.....what a fun day!! This kiddo loves the pool!!
Getting all geared up for the pool!!

Playing under the sprinklers with Daddy

I am loving this!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

My Little Sidekick!

Thumbs up....I love hanging out with mommy!!! These days are quite busy....between playing with cars, tractors, and blocks, Target, going to see the animals at Petco, couponing at Harris Teeter with Mommy, going to visit friends, playing hide and seek all over the house, and taking random trips to various places, there is not a dull moment in the Carroll household. Owen loves hanging out with Mommy... I just eat this little man to pieces....he is so sweet, loving....ohhhhh I don't want him to grow up!!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Love Being a Mommy

This Mother’s day was ultra special!!! Being a mom is by far the most rewarding journey that life has to offer. These past 16 months have shown and taught me more about life than I ever thought was possible. I love being a mom… especially to a sweet boy like Owen….he just melts my heart over and over!

We had our traditional cookout with chicken kabobs, baked potatos, and a huge salad….topped off with a key lime pie for dessert….YUMMY!! The food was great, but more importantly we had all of our mothers together and got to spend some good old quality time with both sides of the fam. Brent totally out did himself….decorations galore….roses picked from our yard in vases for all the mothers to take home….and he took care of all the cooking and cleaning….wow, have I ever mentioned that I have the best husband ever!!! He made my day beyond awesome and I feel VERY lucky to have such a wonderful husband!! Thanks sweetie for all you do, you are the best!!!

I love my fam of 3!

All the wonderful moms!!

Mommy helping O with the grill....
Owen on his truck

Love my little man

Pushing his swing....still is not a big fan of it....we are working on it though...:-)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Elephants, Tigers, and Alligators....OH MY!!!

This past week the Carroll Family packed it up and took a day trip to the Asheboro Zoo! We had so much fun! Owen loved looking at all the animals...and of course the people as well. He was as equally entertained looking at all the school aged kids....waving and blowing them kisses...such a sweet and loving little boy! Owen also loved playing in the park and riding the slide with daddy....he wanted to do this over and over!!!! We had a fabulous daycation!!

Owen loved the slide!

Alligators.....kind of scary!!

Owen at the park....

Brent trying to talk Owen into riding the carousel

Owen touching a fake bear of course!!
Watch out!

Mommy and her sweet boy

All tuckered out....we were barley even out of the parking lot!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Owen's First Haircut!!

Last Thursday, Owen and I ventured off to Reidsville to get his first haircut. Since I am not that familiar with hairdressers in K-ville, I figured I would just bring him to my favorite, Tiffany at Classic Cut. She did an amazing job on Owen's hair...and she left the curls!!! We were so scared to take him to someone we did not know in fear that the curls would be history! Owen sat nicely with the help of a shampoo bottle, comb, and my phone...We had a great time and Owen did fabulous!! Look how handsome he looks with his new cut!!!

Before the big haircut...looks a little nervous....

Working on the back...

All finished and back in the car :-)