Friday, August 23, 2013

Daddy's day off

Yesterday, Brent took a vacation day.  We didn't have anything special planned, just a laid back day to hang out with the family.  Sometimes, those days are the best! We started off by heading to the Farmer's Market. 

The weather was wonderful so it was a great day to just walk around and see what all they had.  We ended up grabbing some yummy peaches and made a quick stop by the grocery store then headed home.  That afternoon, Owen and I went to see the movie 'Planes'. 

This was the first time Owen went to a real movie at the theatre.  It was a darling movie and we had such a great time. 

Owen loves it when he gets "just me" it makes him feel really special.  His love language is definitely quality time, so it's important that I make time for just him.

What a fun day with my hubs off and a date with my favorite 4 year old! Love my boy!!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mr. Independent!

Gray, much like his older brother, loves to do everything by himself!  This includes feeding himself with a spoon at meals!  Here's a clip of him eating his yogurt one morning!  So independent!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Story time

Today we headed over to Walkertown Library.  I love the library there.  The children's selection is wonderful, they have such a variety of books to choose from.  Every time I visit there it brings back memories of being there with my middle schoolers...4 1/2 years, has it really been that long since I have been out of teaching?

Anyway, we haven't been to the library in a while...really since Gray was born. It's time to get back into the weekly trips.  Owen loves the library and he loves going and renting out new books.  Reading is a key fundamental of's essential!

Today we were able to do story time as well.  The librarian read a book about buses and going back to school.  She read three books to them and had several bus songs in between each.  At the end she had an art and craft activity for them. 

What a fun day!!! The wheels on the bus go round and round!

It's a car wash

Last Wednesday, we packed it up and headed over to the Meadors for the morning. We love the Meadors!! Cameron and I have become wonderful friends and our boys always have a blast together. Owen and Liam refer to each other as best friends!! I couldn't ask for a better friend for him to be best friends with. I feel like I have known Cameron forever!! We share so many similar views on life and in parenting! I'm not too sure what I would do without her! Love her and her sweet boys!!!

Owen and Liam washing my car!

The boys taking a break!

Gray loves his wheels!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Let's Go Biking

Last Easter, Mimi and Papa got Owen a bike for him to start riding!  It took him a little while to get comfortable with it, but he eventually got there!  Here's a clip of him during the summer showing us how it's done.

Random Summer Happenings

Summer is usually a busy time for us.  This summer we have enjoyed day trips, playdates, VBS, the Beach, visits to Grandma's, Mimi and Papa's house, projects at home and lots of fun.  Below are some pics from this summer.

Gray is 15 Months!

In July, Gray turned 15 months!  He seems like he is much older than he is because he tries to do everything his big brother does.  One advantage to having two boys is that we practically haven't had to buy any new clothes.  He fits in all of Owen's old clothes and most still look brand new!  We had forgotten how many clothes Owen had until we start dragging out storage containers and going through them!  Gray started walking when he was 13 months old, which was about the same time Owen started walking.  He's a great walker and doesn't fall down much.  He still takes his afternoon naps for a couple of hours and the morning nap is still hit or miss depending on what we have going on.  At his 15 month checkup, he was 33.5 inches tall (99%) and weighed 23 lbs. 4 oz. (57%).  He has such a cute smile and always looks like he's up to something!  Love this little boy!

Let's Check those Teeth

Brent has a tradition where he takes a day off from work and he and Owen go do something fun when Owen has a dentist appointment.  He loves his dentist, Dr. Goldenberg at The Greensboro Center for Pediatric Dentistry.  At his last appointment in December,  they went to breakfast at Tex and Shirley's and then rode the trolley at Friendly since it was Christmastime.  He had another appointment at the end of July, so to carry on the tradition, Brent took the day off and away they went.  He had an early appointment, so they went to the appointment first.  Then they went and played putt putt and had fun at the arcade inside.  Then they went to Tex and Shirley's for lunch and went to some stores at Friendly.  Owen loves spending time with his Daddy!

Cowboy Owen

Owen loves to dress up like a cowboy!  He frequently has 'shows' for us where he will walk around and act like a cowboy!  Such an imagination!  He cracks me up so many times!  Love you buddy!

Off to Boone!

In July, we decided to go to Boone for the day.  Brent took the day off work and we headed up the mountain.  We walked around campus and had a picnic there.  Then we headed to the Mast General Store for some treats.  It started raining after that, so rather than waiting to see when it was going to stop we headed back home in the afternoon.  It was a short trip, but nice to get away!

Swim Like a Fish - well we're getting there!

Last winter, Owen took swim lessons at the Y for about a month.  It was more to get him used to the water and comfortable getting his head down in the water.  The first couple went fine, but he was not that into it by the end.  This summer, I called my friend Deana and asked if she would mind giving him lessons.  I have been swimming with Deana since we were about five or six.  She's such a good teacher, so I thought Owen would really learn from her.  I couldn't believe how well he did just after a couple of hours.  She said he was very good and caught on quickly.  Now we just need to get together a few more times and he can hopefully get it with some practice!  Thanks Deana!

Happy 9th Year Anniversary

On July 24, Brent and I celebrated our 9th anniversary!  I can't believe next year it will be 10 years!  Time has flown since we got married and our lives have been so blessed!  The boys have spent a couple of weekends with Mimi and Papa, so Brent and I have been able to enjoy some date nights out!  Love spending time with my hubby!

VBS Triad Baptist

Our church had their VBS at the end of July and Owen was all excited about it.  We purchased the CD ahead of time and he already knew some of the songs before it started.  The theme was Treasure Quest and it was a pirate ship theme!  He loved it and couldn't wait to tell us what they did!  Glad he had so much fun and I can't wait for Gray to go in a couple of years!