Friday, August 23, 2013

Daddy's day off

Yesterday, Brent took a vacation day.  We didn't have anything special planned, just a laid back day to hang out with the family.  Sometimes, those days are the best! We started off by heading to the Farmer's Market. 

The weather was wonderful so it was a great day to just walk around and see what all they had.  We ended up grabbing some yummy peaches and made a quick stop by the grocery store then headed home.  That afternoon, Owen and I went to see the movie 'Planes'. 

This was the first time Owen went to a real movie at the theatre.  It was a darling movie and we had such a great time. 

Owen loves it when he gets "just me" it makes him feel really special.  His love language is definitely quality time, so it's important that I make time for just him.

What a fun day with my hubs off and a date with my favorite 4 year old! Love my boy!!!

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