Sunday, November 30, 2008

Nursery Update!

Here are a few pics of the latest... his name is FINALLY up!!! We are in the process of getting the lamp bases as well as waiting for the nightstand and glider that should be in later this week... hopefully :-) Stay tuned for more pics and the latest updates...

Friday, November 28, 2008

34 weeks... 6 weeks to go!!!

OKAY... I can do this... only 6 weeks to go....It's so hard to believe that D day is right around the corner...some of Owen's habits that we have already picked up on is that he likes to be most active during the night... (HELP) he is pretty quiet during the day and then 10:00 pm comes around and he decides to host a basketball game in my uterus that lasts well over 4 quarters! Then comes 3:00 am and he finally decides that it is time for a break I suppose.....I think that he is just warning us for what lies ahead.... Brent and I are doing very well, we have been ultra busy trying to get the nursery together. Christmas shopping was supposed to be finished by this point... so I think we are are going to get in the hustle and bustle this afternoon and get some things knocked out. We hope that everyone is doing well and is getting ready for Christmas... my favorite holiday of the year!!!
34 weeks

Monday, November 24, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like BABY!!!

It's beginning to look a lot like baby around here.... swing, clothes, car seat, stroller, pack and play, etc... you would think that Owen is already here!!! We are getting closer and closer....only 6 1/2 more weeks left. We have been super busy trying to get everything together... Brent has been working so hard hanging letters and putting together everything known to man. He has done a fabulous job! We are looking forward to the holidays and having some time off from work.... speaking of work...I only have 3 more weeks left until I go back in a year and a half!!! YES for those who do not know, I am taking some time off to spend with our new addition and to focus on my new role as a mother. I am blessed in every way to have this opportunity and I am VERY excited about this decision that we have made.

Baby Einstein Activity Center

It's bath time!! He is all ready!

It may be a while before he is ready for this, but nevertheless, it's ready to go!

Owen's closet is filling up these days....

Pack and Play


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Baby Shower at R.J. Reynolds

November the 11th, Brent's work gave us a fabulous shower! The food was great (they had my favorite... strawberries :-) yum) and the decorations were adorable. It was so nice to meet everyone at his work and to see those that I haven't seen in a while. We received so many wonderful gifts... car base seat (from his department).. now Owen can ride in the Honda... as well as cute clothes, sheets, gift cards, cart protector, swing, baby play center, DVD, and lots lots more! Thanks RJRT for a wonderful shower, everything was perfect!

Beautiful flowers that Brent and Owen sent to me at work for my 30th birthday...ouch!.. I am getting OLD! So sweet and thoughtful of him!

Brent is on top of it! As soon as we got home from the shower Brent could not get the swing together fast enough! He is so good at putting things together.

Car base seat

The cart protector

All the wonderful gifts

And of course... the delicious food yum!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Carroll Baby Shower

This past weekend Kelley, Mama D, Martha Jo, Mylinda, and Nancy gave me a baby shower. It was AWESOME! The food, guests, and all the wonderful presents that Owen received were absolutely fabulous. Owen got his car seat (he can now come home from the hospital), toys, tons of adorable clothes, books, and lots of necessities for both mom and Owen. Now all Brent and I have to do is wash, wash, wash.....and figure out what to do with all this stuff! His room is filling up quickly! Thank you all for all the wonderful gifts, we LOVE them! Owen is so blessed to have so many people that love and care for him already.

A little update on mom....I am currently 31 weeks.... can this be... in 9 weeks we will have a bundle of joy... unless he decides to come a bit earlier.... we wouldn't mind the end of December... great tax deduction... right! We are getting so excited and we have so much to look forward to. I can only imagine what lies ahead... it's got to be one of the most rewarding blessings in this world!

Adorable diaper cake that Mylinda made!!!

Clothesline full of precious clothes! (LOVE IT Kelley)

All the wonderful hostess Mylinda, Kelley, and Mama D (not pictured Martha Jo and Nancy)

One of the many adorable outfits!

Fabulous strawberries that Kelley made! Aren't they adorable?