Friday, November 28, 2008

34 weeks... 6 weeks to go!!!

OKAY... I can do this... only 6 weeks to go....It's so hard to believe that D day is right around the corner...some of Owen's habits that we have already picked up on is that he likes to be most active during the night... (HELP) he is pretty quiet during the day and then 10:00 pm comes around and he decides to host a basketball game in my uterus that lasts well over 4 quarters! Then comes 3:00 am and he finally decides that it is time for a break I suppose.....I think that he is just warning us for what lies ahead.... Brent and I are doing very well, we have been ultra busy trying to get the nursery together. Christmas shopping was supposed to be finished by this point... so I think we are are going to get in the hustle and bustle this afternoon and get some things knocked out. We hope that everyone is doing well and is getting ready for Christmas... my favorite holiday of the year!!!
34 weeks

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