Saturday, June 30, 2012


Last year, we were really excited about Owen going to VBS at our church and his preschool.  We were disappointed to find out that they all required the kids to be three years old to attend.  This summer he is old enough to go, so we decided to sign him up for the VBS at his preschool.  It started at 6pm and lasted until 8:30 at night.  He usually goes to bed around 8:30, so we just figured this week he would be on his summertime schedule.  It also meant that Brent and I would be able to have some date nights (with Gray of course)! 
We dropped him off the first night and he went right in and sat with his class ready for the music to start.  Brent picked him up each night and he said O would not want to leave and would ask when the singing was going to start again!  We are so amazed at how much fun he is having and he looks forward to going the next night!  They made several cute crafts and of course he loves the games and refreshments they have for them. 
It took Brent and myself back to our days as kids where we had so much fun going to VBS.  It was so much fun for us and we are super-excited that Owen is having the best time there too!  Brent and I were able to go out to dinner several times during the week.  Gray did great while we were out and we were able to sit down and have longer conversations than usual!  This week has been good for Owen and we had fun too!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gray Is Two Months Old

The months are clicking away a little faster than we would like.  How can it already be two months since we brought this bundle of joy home from the hospital?!?!  The last several weeks have been marked by a lot of changes. 

During the first month, Gray would get a little fussy at times, which was completely normal for newborns.  During the second month, he has become so much more laid back and chilled.  He will pacify himself when he gets sleepy and then drift off.  He rarely needs or wants the pacifier.  He loves to take his naps in the swing.  He is a big fan of bath time.  Usually Brent handles bath time and both boys enjoy it.  Owen loves to take his in our garden tub, so he will put Owen in the garden tub and then Gray will take his bath in his infant tub on the counter.  Gray just looks around and grins in the tub.

At his two month check up, he was 12 lbs 4 oz. (63 percentile) and measured 22 1/4 (63 percentile) inches long. He has grown so much and looks so much bigger to us.  He usually goes 3-4 hours in between feedings and takes around 4 to 5 oz each time.  He is now wearing 3-6 month clothes and stage 2 diapers.  I packed up all of his newborn clothes this week, and it made me a little sad.  I can't believe he is already outgrowing some of his clothes. 

Gray seems to be getting into a pattern of waking up, eating, and then having awake time.  He likes to lay on his play mat and he does really well during tummy time.  He has really good neck control and can lift up and hold his heard for a pretty good while.  He is now cooing and trying to laugh.  I think it startles him a little bit when he starts to laugh.  He smiles at us so much and seems to be very happy and adjusted.

The week before his checkup, he was going about 7 hours at night without waking up.  For two tired parents, this was a true blessing!  Everything was good until he got his shots during the visit.  He started running a fever and kept it for a couple of days.  The doctor said it was pretty typical and should go away soon.  Nighttime was definitely different after that.  He started waking up again and couldn't get comfortable since he had a fever.  We felt so bad for him!  Several days after the fever broke, he started back sleeping around 7 hours straight.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that this continues.  It has been a busy month for us and we are looking forward to more summertime fun

Owen (and Henry of course) at 2 months

Gray at 2 months

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Splish, Splash! Owen's Swim Lessons

Owen loves the water.  Last year, I took him to the pool during the day and he would have a ball.  He would go down the little slide and also jump to me off the side of the pool.  We figured it was time to put him in swim lessons.  They offer classes at our Y, so we thought it would be perfect.  Several of his friends would be in the class, so we thought he would enjoy it a lot.  We signed him up for the 3-5 year old class.  I should have known that was the wrong class when they asked me if he could already swim when I was signing him up.  Maybe I am a little slow being sleep deprived and all, but I thought the whole point of swim lessons was to learn how to swim!  Lol!  Needless-to-say, everyone in the class was really advanced and since I was not allowed in the water with him, it was not a good fit for him.  They had another class that meets a little earlier on Saturdays, so we switched him to that one.  He loves it.  I can get in the water with him and he is really getting comfortable in the water.  His friend Sophia is in there too, so that makes it more fun.  Last week, Brent joined us and got in the pool with him.  Glad our little guy is having fun.

Lovin' His Crib

When Gray came home from the hospital, we tried getting him to sleep in the pack 'n play in our room at night.  We figured it would be easier with the nighttime feedings for him to be close by.  At first, he wasn't a huge fan of it, but by the second week, he was sleeping pretty nicely in it.  At about three weeks, we decided it was time for him to try out his new crib.  Owen loved to be swaddled at night when he was a baby, so we brought it back out and swaddled Gray in it.  He has spent every night in his crib since then.  He loves it!  Owen was a huge fan of his crib and stayed in it until he was almost three.  Owen loves going into Gray's room in the morning and giving him good morning kisses.  So sweet!