Saturday, June 30, 2012


Last year, we were really excited about Owen going to VBS at our church and his preschool.  We were disappointed to find out that they all required the kids to be three years old to attend.  This summer he is old enough to go, so we decided to sign him up for the VBS at his preschool.  It started at 6pm and lasted until 8:30 at night.  He usually goes to bed around 8:30, so we just figured this week he would be on his summertime schedule.  It also meant that Brent and I would be able to have some date nights (with Gray of course)! 
We dropped him off the first night and he went right in and sat with his class ready for the music to start.  Brent picked him up each night and he said O would not want to leave and would ask when the singing was going to start again!  We are so amazed at how much fun he is having and he looks forward to going the next night!  They made several cute crafts and of course he loves the games and refreshments they have for them. 
It took Brent and myself back to our days as kids where we had so much fun going to VBS.  It was so much fun for us and we are super-excited that Owen is having the best time there too!  Brent and I were able to go out to dinner several times during the week.  Gray did great while we were out and we were able to sit down and have longer conversations than usual!  This week has been good for Owen and we had fun too!

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carroll1954 said...

Owen is also growing up so fast, I'm glad he enjoyed VBS, I remember the boys did when they were growing up. It seems like yesterday!

Love You,
Papa and Mimi