Friday, February 5, 2010

Final Birthday Celebration!

Final Birthday Celebration!!! We had our traditional spaghetti and cake dinner to put a grand finale to Owen's 1st birthday. He had a great time as always....dug in the cake...and devoured the cake...not the icing!! He is not a big fan of the icing...fine by me....that happens to be my favorite part!!! Owen had so much fun celebrating his birthday over the course of a us, this was like a national holiday....can't wait for more birthday's to come (of course I am not pushing needs to SLOW down) What FUN!

umm...let's get past all this icing...and get to the CAKE!
ummmm FIRE.....don't worry, we removed the candle immediately!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Party Time!!

Owen had so much fun at his birthday party. We had a small family birthday party and it was just perfect! Since Owen's favorite character right now is Elmo, we decided to have a party.....well you got it....full of Elmo's!!!! He even got the same exact Elmo card from funny!!! He is such an Elmo ( EEEEE as he says it) fan! Kelley did a fabulous job making 2 personalized for Owen and an adult cake for the rest of cake ever!!! If you are looking for a person to make your cake.....she is taking orders :-). Owen LOVED his cake...he dug into it! Owen got many cute toys, clothes, books, etc from family members. He got a bouncy ball frog (Harry) and he loves to bounce and dance with it! We feel so blessed to celebrate this wonderful milestone with our family. It was a perfect day for our perfect little man!

Digging into my Elmo cake....yum!!! Using a fork.....don't want to get my hands messy...haha!

Love our our little birthday boy!

Dancing with Henry....YAY..this is fun!

Love my little man!

topped off with a wonderful wagon ride with cousin Gracen! They had such a fun time....nibbled on goldfish...and sipped on apple juice along the way.