Thursday, February 4, 2010

Party Time!!

Owen had so much fun at his birthday party. We had a small family birthday party and it was just perfect! Since Owen's favorite character right now is Elmo, we decided to have a party.....well you got it....full of Elmo's!!!! He even got the same exact Elmo card from funny!!! He is such an Elmo ( EEEEE as he says it) fan! Kelley did a fabulous job making 2 personalized for Owen and an adult cake for the rest of cake ever!!! If you are looking for a person to make your cake.....she is taking orders :-). Owen LOVED his cake...he dug into it! Owen got many cute toys, clothes, books, etc from family members. He got a bouncy ball frog (Harry) and he loves to bounce and dance with it! We feel so blessed to celebrate this wonderful milestone with our family. It was a perfect day for our perfect little man!

Digging into my Elmo cake....yum!!! Using a fork.....don't want to get my hands messy...haha!

Love our our little birthday boy!

Dancing with Henry....YAY..this is fun!

Love my little man!

topped off with a wonderful wagon ride with cousin Gracen! They had such a fun time....nibbled on goldfish...and sipped on apple juice along the way.

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