Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Preschool Update =)

Just thought I would update everyone on how WELL preschool is going!!! Owen has been able to stay for the ENTIRE time for 2 weeks now!! YAY Owen!! He still cries when I drop him off, (I imagine it will take a while for him to go bouncing in there ha!) however, he stops within 10-15 minutes after I leave, which is much of an improvement from 2 weeks ago. Miss Gretchen comments on how well he plays with others and how sweet and smart of a boy she thinks he is. If you ask O if he likes preschool, he nods his head and smiles from ear to ear!!! Although I miss him like crazy when he is there, the time apart has been great for both of us. O we are so very proud of the advancement that you have made toward preschool and being away from mommy and daddy. We love you and are super proud of all that you do!!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

First Day of Preschool

Today was O's first day of preschool. Although I had high hopes he would go right in and not even think twice about me leaving, things didn't quite go as I had hoped. Owen went in happy and went right to playing with the other toddlers, but as soon as we left and he realized he wasn't going with us, he became very upset. Poor little fellow cried and cried and the teacher called within an hour to say she couldn't get him to stop crying. His teacher reassured me that this was perfectly normal and lots of kids do this the first time they are away from their mommies. I realize it's just going to take a little bit of time, and I'm hoping he'll get adjusted by the end of the month. I also realize that this is only a phase and this too shall pass. It is hard on me to leave him so upset, but I know that in time, he will love preschool (or at least I pray that he does). I try to keep myself really busy while he is there so that I do not have time to think about how upset that he is. I try not to do too much damage at Target....and try and spend my time wisely such as cleaning up....instead of spending daddy's money on...yeah...Target extras! ha

All smiles now, but not later.

Finally, I get to use my backpack.

Welcome to Preschool

On Thursday, August 26th, we headed to O's preschool orientation at Fountain of Life. He will be in the early-2s class. He will go on Mondays and Wednesdays for three hours. We went to his room and met his teacher and her assistant, Miss Gretchen and Miss Shelly. He marched right in and began playing with the toys. After a tour of the school, we had a special treat at Cold Stone. It's hard to believe our little man will be going to "school" soon. Hope it goes well.

Before we went inside

Meeting his teachers...Miss Shelly and Miss Gretchen
Enjoying a treat afterwards. Yum, ice cream.