Monday, December 28, 2009

Owen's First Christmas!!! What FUN!!!

We had so much fun this Christmas celebrating it with our precious Owen. We celebrated it over a course of three days!!! LOVED IT!! It was so nice not having to rush everywhere on Christmas, we got to spend quality time with our families and really enjoy each others company. Owen really enjoyed playing with his new toys, bows, and trying (not really mastering) opening presents!!! Having a child really changes Christmas in so many ways!! We are so blessed in so many ways to have this new addition in our family! It's hard to believe that this time last year we were waiting for him to be born! Wow, how times flies! I am looking forward to the Christmases to come and teaching Owen the true meaning of Christmas!!! Jesus's year we will be baking him a birthday cake...what fun!

Christmas Eve with the Carroll's. We had a delicious honey baked ham, carrot cake, and lots of other casserole sides! After dinner we sipped on coffee, opened presents, and watched Owen play with his new toys. What FUN!

Owen plays with his first truck from Mimi and Papa

Good Morning Sunshine!! Merry Christmas!!! I went in with the camera to take a few shots of him getting up on Christmas morning....!! He's not quite awake as you can tell.

ummm corn popper....these things have not changed a lick....I think that is the only toy that still resembles itself from when I was a child!

warming up to my truck!

ready to go!!!

On Christmas day, we went to Aunt Mua's and got to visit with the Brent's aunt and cousins. Owen loved playing with the twins and seeing his cousin Gracen! It was so much fun eating, chatting and watching our little ones fun around! Owen really was interested in Deacon and Daelyn. They are so precious...and they were all dressed up in their Santa attire to top it off! What a great idea!

The day after Christmas, my parents, grandmother, brother,and niece came to our home to have lunch and open more presents! We had lots of fun! Owen really enjoyed seeing them and he loves his new outfits and toys!

Gramps and Owen

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

11 Months

Our baby is 1 month shy of 1 year!!!! It's hard to believe!! Owen is into EVERYTHING these days!! Turn your head away for just a second and you would think a tornado has struck our home!!! Disaster relief to the rescue!!! He loves to open drawers, doors, cabinets, and takes everything out of whatever is in them! His favorite spots these days include the laundry and the bathroom....he loves to go the bathtub and smile, squeal, and play with this toys...I guess that is his way of telling us that he is ready for his bath...leave it to him and he would have several a day! He is so much fun these days. His personality continues to come out more and more. He loves to laugh....and gets tickled to the point that this eyes water when Brent puts him on his shoulders!
Owen's likes:
held by mommy and daddy only (haha)
watch people
play peek-a-boo
most strangers
car seat sometimes
rocked (prefers to be swaddled)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Santa's helper

Santa's little helper....has helped mommy with so much this year!!! He has been a real, baking, wrapping (that has been challenging haha), and not touching or pulling down the Christmas tree!!! He loves getting right beside the tree and just looking at it!! We have drilled, "look, don't touch....followed by a NO when he tries to touch it" to the point that I am nearly dreaming it! So far he has done exceptionally well and is leaving the Christmas tree alone. He loves Christmas trees...wherever we go, he always points to the tree!! He loves all the decorations and music in the stores as well. Speaking of music...when we are in the car, we crank up the Christmas music and I sing along (which probably cracks him up to no end). On several occasions I have heard him funny!!! It is so much fun having a little one this time of the year! It puts a whole new meaning to Christmas! He is so much fun....we just love him so much!!!

ummm I think he just found one of his Christmas presents....bad Santa!!

Reindeer sleeper!! He loves it! Yay! It's Christmas time!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Deck the Halls!!

We are all decorated and ready for Christmas!!! Owen is doing very well at observing and not touching the Christmas tree. We have really been working on NO lately...and this has sure tested it out!!! He loves looking at the tree...and observing all the ornaments and decorations.

Say Cheese!!!

Owen had his first Christmas pictures taken this past week and he did fabulous!! The photographer was great and we were really pleased with how they turned out. Owen had a great time! Let the Christmas festivities begin!

Our family!!

Sweet Owen

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

This one is for Daddy!!!

Brent went to the University of Michigan for training for a week...and boy was he missed!!!! Owen and I were just not the same without him!!! We missed you Daddy!!

Michigan stadium...where App State stomped all over them!!! Go APPS!

Look who turned 10 months...

Hard to believe that my baby boy is 10 months....2 months shy of 1!!! WOW! Owen continues to amaze us... he is so funny these days....laughs, claps, and is quite the entertainer these days. This month he is now..
  • pulling up (on everything) and just started cruising
  • can stand for a few seconds without falling
  • says dadaaa , papapa, and bye bye sounds...I think he can say cat...not real sure..still trying to translate some of his jibber japper... no mommy yet....oh well...he is officially a daddy's boy!!!
  • plays hiding seek with anything that is in hands
  • claps
  • waves all the would think he was in a parade...too funny!!!
  • still not a big fan of being passed around to strangers...we are working on that one..

We did not have to go to the doctor this month; however, he is growing like a weed....fitting well into his 12 month clothes..We just love him so much and he is so full of personality. We are so blessed to have this small, yet so big addition to our family.

Checking out pics of my family

Loving my overalls

Guess who is 10 months???

Happy 31st B-day!!!

WOW 31.....I am officially in my 30's...Brent reminds me daily..haha!!! I had such a nice b-day. Dinner, cake, and family time...what more could I ask for? Kelley (my sister-in-law) made a delicious cake it was soooo good!!! Owen was entertained by the cake, hats, and presents....hold on boy.... your big one is right around the corner...hard to believe!!!
Delicious cake made by Kelley...seriously it was the moistest cake I had ever put in my mouth!!!

Little O and Mommy gearing up for my b-day