Saturday, December 19, 2009

Santa's helper

Santa's little helper....has helped mommy with so much this year!!! He has been a real, baking, wrapping (that has been challenging haha), and not touching or pulling down the Christmas tree!!! He loves getting right beside the tree and just looking at it!! We have drilled, "look, don't touch....followed by a NO when he tries to touch it" to the point that I am nearly dreaming it! So far he has done exceptionally well and is leaving the Christmas tree alone. He loves Christmas trees...wherever we go, he always points to the tree!! He loves all the decorations and music in the stores as well. Speaking of music...when we are in the car, we crank up the Christmas music and I sing along (which probably cracks him up to no end). On several occasions I have heard him funny!!! It is so much fun having a little one this time of the year! It puts a whole new meaning to Christmas! He is so much fun....we just love him so much!!!

ummm I think he just found one of his Christmas presents....bad Santa!!

Reindeer sleeper!! He loves it! Yay! It's Christmas time!

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Cassidy said...

I love this! Don't you just LOVE Christmas this year!! We had fun last year, but Lil was so little, she really didnt' know what was going on. This year it is just SO MUCH FUN to see how much they are enjoying everything (the tree, the music, etc). I can't wait for Christmas morning to see her excitement ... it just puts a whole new excitement to the season! Love it!