Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Look who turned 10 months...

Hard to believe that my baby boy is 10 months....2 months shy of 1!!! WOW! Owen continues to amaze us... he is so funny these days....laughs, claps, and is quite the entertainer these days. This month he is now..
  • pulling up (on everything) and just started cruising
  • can stand for a few seconds without falling
  • says dadaaa , papapa, and bye bye sounds...I think he can say cat...not real sure..still trying to translate some of his jibber japper... no mommy yet....oh well...he is officially a daddy's boy!!!
  • plays hiding seek with anything that is in hands
  • claps
  • waves all the time...you would think he was in a parade...too funny!!!
  • still not a big fan of being passed around to strangers...we are working on that one..

We did not have to go to the doctor this month; however, he is growing like a weed....fitting well into his 12 month clothes..We just love him so much and he is so full of personality. We are so blessed to have this small, yet so big addition to our family.

Checking out pics of my family

Loving my overalls

Guess who is 10 months???


carroll1954 said...

Isn't he a handsome "little man"?
Check out those eye lashes and that head of hair. Owen keep up the good work.

Love U


Cassidy said...

Ahh, he's getting so big! And that hair!! I absolutely love it! What a cutie!