Monday, December 28, 2009

Owen's First Christmas!!! What FUN!!!

We had so much fun this Christmas celebrating it with our precious Owen. We celebrated it over a course of three days!!! LOVED IT!! It was so nice not having to rush everywhere on Christmas, we got to spend quality time with our families and really enjoy each others company. Owen really enjoyed playing with his new toys, bows, and trying (not really mastering) opening presents!!! Having a child really changes Christmas in so many ways!! We are so blessed in so many ways to have this new addition in our family! It's hard to believe that this time last year we were waiting for him to be born! Wow, how times flies! I am looking forward to the Christmases to come and teaching Owen the true meaning of Christmas!!! Jesus's year we will be baking him a birthday cake...what fun!

Christmas Eve with the Carroll's. We had a delicious honey baked ham, carrot cake, and lots of other casserole sides! After dinner we sipped on coffee, opened presents, and watched Owen play with his new toys. What FUN!

Owen plays with his first truck from Mimi and Papa

Good Morning Sunshine!! Merry Christmas!!! I went in with the camera to take a few shots of him getting up on Christmas morning....!! He's not quite awake as you can tell.

ummm corn popper....these things have not changed a lick....I think that is the only toy that still resembles itself from when I was a child!

warming up to my truck!

ready to go!!!

On Christmas day, we went to Aunt Mua's and got to visit with the Brent's aunt and cousins. Owen loved playing with the twins and seeing his cousin Gracen! It was so much fun eating, chatting and watching our little ones fun around! Owen really was interested in Deacon and Daelyn. They are so precious...and they were all dressed up in their Santa attire to top it off! What a great idea!

The day after Christmas, my parents, grandmother, brother,and niece came to our home to have lunch and open more presents! We had lots of fun! Owen really enjoyed seeing them and he loves his new outfits and toys!

Gramps and Owen


Cassidy said...

I love that you also took a picture of him in his crib on Cmas morning like I did with Lil. Don't you just love that sweet "just-woke-up" face!! You've got to be sure to do that on his b'day too. Love it! Looks like the first Christmas was a blast!

Kellie said...

He is so cute Mary! His hair is the curls! Love all the pics and am so glad yall had a great Christmas! Hope to see you soon!

Nathan, Laurie, Elizabeth & Emily said...

So cute! I hope Owen enjoyed his first Christmas! Your dad hasn't changed a bit- he's just as I remember him!

Happy New Year!