Tuesday, September 22, 2009

8 Months and Crawling!

On his 8 month "birthday" (Sept. 18th), our little man started something new...CRAWLING!! He is so proud of himself and after he crawls to his destination, he turns around and looks to see where he started. This opens up new adventures for him and new ones for us as well, as we now have to keep an ever-constant eye on him. Enjoy the clip of him crawling.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Suzanne and Greg's wedding

Brent and I got to enjoy a night out celebrating the marriage of Suzanne and Greg! We had such a great time. Congratulations Suzanne and Greg!!! Hope you guys had a blast in Maui!!!

Mary, Suzanne, and Deana (we have been friends for 25 plus years!!!)

so close....

Owen is so close to crawling...we are waiting for it any day. He has mastered scooting backwards pretty well...he takes one crawl forward and crashes!!! He loves to try and can get very frustrated when he is trying to get to a toy that he can't reach.

He also has grown quite fond of his wagon. He loves to ride his wagon at Mimi and Papa'a. He is so cute in it!! Just smiles away and squeals out of delight! I think Mommy and Daddy are going to have to buy one of their own. In fact, we went to Ella Kate's birthday party this past weekend and I couldn't find Owen....he was of course with his Daddy in EK's wagon!!! So cute and funny!!

Love my wagon....supported by sofa pillows...adds a lovely addition:-)

Zoom....I'm off

Love my cell phone toy...he was playing with mine...so I bought him a toy one thinking he wouldn't notice the difference..haha

Trying so hard...