Tuesday, September 22, 2009

8 Months and Crawling!

On his 8 month "birthday" (Sept. 18th), our little man started something new...CRAWLING!! He is so proud of himself and after he crawls to his destination, he turns around and looks to see where he started. This opens up new adventures for him and new ones for us as well, as we now have to keep an ever-constant eye on him. Enjoy the clip of him crawling.


Cassidy said...

Yay, Owen!! Way to go! :)

Susan, Shawn and baby Olivia said...

hey there,

I cant believe how big they are getting. hope all is going well...i really miss you this year...they definitly fell short in replacing you. r u enjoying staying home? we should get the two of them together sometime.

susan cox-lambeth (finally changed my name)