Tuesday, November 3, 2009

9 months....and into EVERYTHING!!!

It's hard to believe that our little baby boy is getting closer and closer to 1 yr old!!! Owen continues to amaze me everyday how much he grows, develops, and changes so quickly. Last month, he was barley fitting in his 9 month old clothes....one month later, we are packing some of them up (not all) !! He went from just starting to crawl to crawling everywhere and pulling up on every single piece of furniture in the house!!! Talk about baby proofing!!! Whew....I suddenly realized how non-baby proof our house was!

At his 9 month old check up he weighed 19lbs and was 29 1/2 inches long!!! Talk about a growth spirt....Dr. Smith could not get over how much he had grown in length....looks like he will be following his daddy in height....thank goodness :-)

Owen continues to amaze us and everyday we just love this fellow more and more. His personality has really developed...he is so funny, laughs all the time....ohhh but strong-willed too (wonder where he gets that from hahah). He is determined and a very independent baby...likes to do things by himself,...including feeding himself with a spoon...which results in one BIG mess!...so for the meantime, mommy and daddy have to take over that part :-) He is so much fun and we just can't get enough of him....It's hard to believe that he is 9 months old!! Where does the time go? We love you to pieces little O!!
Loving my red hat...it's not quite cold enough yet...not long though!!

Here I come....

Awww love his smile!

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