Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Our little Giraffe

Owen had so much fun celebrating his first Halloween as a giraffe. We decided that he would be a giraffe because it was one of the 1st animals that he took to as a infant. He would lay in his pack and play and "talk" to the giraffe and zebra....too cute :-) We decided to stay in this year because Owen had been fighting a cold. We passed out candy, dressed his friends Elmo(mummy) and Henry(ghost) up, and had a BBQ dinner at our house. Mimi and Papa came and were equally entertained by all the trick or treaters!! Although we didn't get dressed up and go out for Halloween, we had so much fun passing out candy, watching O laugh, and spending time with family. What more could I ask for?
Our fam...right before all the treat or treaters arrived!!!

Our precious little Giraffe(take note that his costume looks a little snug..haha we tried it on 1 month before Halloween...had plenty of about how fast they grow?????)

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Cassidy said...

LOVE the giraffe outfit! What a cutie!