Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fun times at the pumpkin patch!

On October 19th, we ventured out to a pumpkin patch at a local church here in Kernersville. The first attempt was hilarious! It was beautiful outside Owen was smiling and hamming it up...when all of a sudden, the 12:00 church bells started to chime....the result...scared him to pieces...could not get a smile out of him after that... hahaha. We went to Target afterwards and of course he was happy as ever and laughing up a storm. The second attempt was much better!!! Made sure not to go near the hour...haha.

Checking out the hay....

Seconds before the chimes....

my little pumpkin...perfect size for a perfect boy :-)


1 comment:

William said...

THE LITTLE MAN!!!!!!!!!! First Halloween.

What did Elmo and Henry think of the pumpkin patch?