Friday, March 23, 2012

37 Weeks!!

Well it's little baby is fully baked this week!  How exciting!!  It's hard to believe that anytime now we could be heading to the hospital to meet our new little guy.  Even though I still have three weeks until my due date, it's really starting to set in that the time is very near!  I had my weekly appointment today and things have already started to progress.  I asked the doctor what that meant and she basically said I could go into labor tomorrow or I could hang on for several more weeks.  If I had to make a guess, I think it will be sooner, rather than later.  As long as he is healthy, I have no problem when he decides to make his entrance.  Keep me in your prayers that everything will go well and I will have a safe delivery.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Nursery's Ready!

We can officially say that the nursery is done! Since we moved O into a new bedroom earlier this year, I didn't have to put on my creative decorating hat much. The only thing we moved out was O's crib and name above his bed (I mean how many places can you use his name in the house, except in his own bedroom!).

So, that meant we only had to get two things for Gray's room - a crib and the letters for his name! How easy was that! Basically, it looks very similar to O's nursery. We used the same PBK's striped Chase pattern and dressed it up with some accessories. Can't wait to meet our little guy!

It's Soccer Time

O loves to be outside.  When the weather is nice, he begs to go outside.  It makes us happy that he enjoys being active and we hope that's something he will continue to enjoy.  With all of the warm weather we've had, it has been perfect.  B even took him to the park the other day and he had such a great time.

We signed O up for Kiddie Kickers at the Y.  It's basically a soccer workshop that teaches the kids the basics of soccer.  They don't have any games, it's just for them to have fun.  He is in the 3-4 year old team.  I wasn't able to go to the first practice, but B said O had a great time.  He said he really did much better than he thought he would do.

One evening after B got home from work, the two of them were in the yard and O couldn't wait to show me his soccer skills.

The second practice didn't go quite as well as the first.  We thought he would probably be really familiar with the routine and would do better than last week.  Wrong!  He acted like he had never been to practice.  The coach tried to steer him in, but he was just in his own little world out on the field.  Go figure!  Sometimes three year olds just a little mind of their own!

O's First Report Card

This is O's second year in preschool at Fountain of Life. We absolutely love the school and O has such a great time playing with his friends there. This is also the first year they actually do assessments and give the kids a "report card". When I saw it in his bag, it made me realize how much he is growing up and that it won't be too many more years and he will be getting a real report card.

He got very high marks on all of the metrics and was actually ahead on several of them. I know I sound like every other proud parent, but we already knew that he catches on very quickly to things. We were so proud of him!  For doing so well on his report, we treated O to a special dinner at The Loop. Oh the proud moments in a parent's life!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Where Is the Snow??

Well, it's now the end of February and I believe I have given up completely on the idea of getting a big snow like we have had the last couple of years. With temps all over the place and it feeling more like spring, I guess we're running out of time to get a decent snow.

It  figures the year Santa would bring O some snow bibs, he wouldn't get to use them! Lucky, I bought a size bigger so next year, they should work as well. Nevertheless, we did have an inch or two the other Sunday and O was excited to get out in it for a little while. He loved the snow and really wanted to build a "frosty"...hopefully next year we will get enough so he can...or maybe mother nature will throw us for a loop and give us a big snow in March!

When B and O went outside I think it was sleeting more than snowing, but B said O was having a ball. Since I am feeling pretty big and tired these days, I figured a warm house was where I should stay. Although, stepping out in the cold may have felt rather nice b/c I feel like a walking furnace theses days! ha! Looking forward to next year, being outside in the snow with my 2 boys! So exciting!!!!