Friday, March 2, 2012

Where Is the Snow??

Well, it's now the end of February and I believe I have given up completely on the idea of getting a big snow like we have had the last couple of years. With temps all over the place and it feeling more like spring, I guess we're running out of time to get a decent snow.

It  figures the year Santa would bring O some snow bibs, he wouldn't get to use them! Lucky, I bought a size bigger so next year, they should work as well. Nevertheless, we did have an inch or two the other Sunday and O was excited to get out in it for a little while. He loved the snow and really wanted to build a "frosty"...hopefully next year we will get enough so he can...or maybe mother nature will throw us for a loop and give us a big snow in March!

When B and O went outside I think it was sleeting more than snowing, but B said O was having a ball. Since I am feeling pretty big and tired these days, I figured a warm house was where I should stay. Although, stepping out in the cold may have felt rather nice b/c I feel like a walking furnace theses days! ha! Looking forward to next year, being outside in the snow with my 2 boys! So exciting!!!!

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carroll1954 said...

Little man, be patient and the snow will come, some day. Don't put up those boots just yet. you look so cute out there with them on and that rake.

Love U.