Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thank Goodness for Happy Meals and puzzles

I'm guilty...of going by McDonald's several times a week to get Owen Happy Meals...especially since the Smurfs are here....gotta collect all of them right? He LOVES their chicken nuggets and their hamburgers so we go and he is so happy. Owen is (has been) going through a very picky stage so those are two of the 10 things that I know that he will eat. He loves them and gets very excited when we pull up and when he gets home. Here are a few pics of his guilty pleasure!

Happy meal = happy meal :-)

Owen also loves puzzles. He loves them and is so focused when he is doing them. He will sit there for 30- 45 minutes doing his puzzles. I am super proud of him and he is equally proud of himself. Love seeing his little brain grow and pick up on so many new things every day! He is such a bright little boy...LOVE HIM!

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