Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blueberry Farm

I love, love, love blueberries!! They are probably my most favorite fruit…I love them in cereal, oatmeal, pancakes, smoothies, etc….I remember 5 years ago (maybe longer) Oprah had a huge segment on how powerful blueberries are for your health….they are supposed to make you look younger and help with your memory….(I have yet to see results in either of these departments…I feel like I forget more so than ever and I am noticing more and more wrinkles everyday…ha!) I started to incorporate them in my diet…I really acquired a taste for them and besides the awesome health benefits, I truly love them and eat them daily!!! YUM!!!

Owen loves them too (on most days), so we decided to take a little trip and meet up with some friends to pick blueberries. We had a great time. Owen did not hardy pick any…he was too busy stuffing them in his mouth…which was fine because the place that we went doesn’t use any sprays or chemicals on their bushes…so they were safe. He, Mattie, and Blaze were so busy eating, running around, and playing in the mud…talk about a mess….he was in old shoes, so I just let him be a boy and get dirty…and that he did!!! It was fun and we are planning on going back soon….blueberry season is short, so we have got to hurry back!!!

I just love this pic...Owen loves Mattie....he tells me she is his best friend!!!

Having a great time!!!

Partners in eating!!

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carroll1954 said...

The pictures are so sweet, he does love blueberries. I love the picture of O sitting on the steps before church, he is getting to be a big boy. He is such a precious little boy!

Love You,
Mimi and Papa