Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fun With Our New "Toy"

Brent and I have been wanting a new camera for a while now...our old one decided that it would break while we were at the zoo...soooo what better time for a "early" Christmas present! YAY! We purchased a digital SLR and got home and had absolutely NO clue on how to operate all the manual settings and features...ha!! It has been quite hilarious....nevertheless we are learning and slowly but surely become professionals! haha! Anyway, here are a few snaps that we took over the last 24 hours with our new toy!
Also, I must include that I am going to try to do better on my blog post. Everywhere we go, I hear family members and friends comment on our blog and how they keep up with our lives through that. I must admit that I have done a horrible job of, please forgive me-I will try to post weekly updates of our lives and our very lively and busy toddler!!

fun times at the pumpkin patch
he loved lining up all the pumpkins(kind of like he does his cars)! too funny!

checking out the "bumps" on the pumpkin
Good morning good morning! (notice all of the cars in his hand)

First thing he does EVERY morning is to go in the playroom and make sure his cars are still there from the night before...and...he has to line them up EVERY morning! He is so incredibly cute how he evenly parks them under the couch every night. Very particular and concerned about his cars!

Beautiful face O!

Loves to walk down the steps all by himself...gets frustrated when you try to help....go figure....Mr. Independent!

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