Saturday, October 23, 2010

Howdy Ya'll, Look Who's 21 Months

It is hard to believe that our little baby is going to be 2 in just 3 short months!!! It’s hard to believe that you are not a baby at all…you are a very, very busy and sweet toddler!!! Owen is around 26 lbs and at the last check up he was over 34 inches tall….You change more and more everyday….

You are talking up a storm….anything that you say you can bank that he will attempt to repeat it in his own language. When we are in public, he wants everyone to know who his mommy and daddy are….He points to us and broadcasts mommy…and daddy….and he puckers up for a kiss….sooo sweet! He has become so comfortable around others and loves to wave and say hey and bye to everyone!

Owen loves preschool- his teachers tell us that he is very smart and sweet and they tell us how much they love his little personality!

He can now walk up and down steps independently, talks in two word sentences, loves his cars, tractors, fire truck, and trains! He loves Chick-fil-A, school, parks, being outside, throwing balls, talking on the phone (or pretending to), coloring, playing hide and seek, baths, water, and being around other kids in general. His latest thing is that he loves lining up all his trucks and tucking them neatly under the sofa before he goes to bed. The next morning….first thing…he throws his hands up and his eyes get big as saucers and he says “CARS” and darts off to retrieve them from the night before. Too funny! He dislikes some strangers, anything that round and round(ie carousels), swings, and most vegetables...ha( the whole eating thing is a hit ot miss never know)

In the past couple of months Owen has also learned how to throw quite a temper tantrum! We try our best to ignore them and to teach Owen that you do not get your way behaving in such a manner, but I will be the first to tell you it is HARD! It seems like they are getting shorter…and less intense!! Whew….this is one phase that I will not miss!!!

On most nights he remains to be an excellent sleeper…seems like lately he has woken up a lot…gotta be those top molars! We always know when he is teething because he wakes up so much at night.

Owen, you are such a joy to mommy and daddy’s life and we just love to pieces! We can't believe how quickly you are growing up.

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