Monday, March 1, 2010

13 Months and Walking!

Turn your necks and enjoy the short clip of our precious O walking....hope you don't get a crick!!!(thought you could rotate it once you download it...apparently not...or I not computer savvy enough to figure it out) He has been taking 6 to 7 steps for the last month...but not really mastering the whole walking thing...until now..He is so much fun these days, loves to walk....and walk everywhere! He is very hard to keep confined to one space anymore...loves to make circles around the house and always has to have his hands full of toys while walking....too funny!!!

Owen continues to amaze us everyday with his leaps and boundary's of his development. He not only walks but he is also talking quite a bit these days. His favorite words are bye bye, boon, eeee(elmo), ood oy (good boy), papa, ky(sky),own (down..hear a lot of that one in the high chair), ar(star) and uice(juice). He can also follow commands very well and points to tell us what he wants...which makes it much easier to figure out what he wants. He loves to wave to and blow kisses when it is his idea. He loves to be around people....such a sweet natured little guy! We love you OTC!

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