Friday, August 15, 2008

19 weeks

19 weeks!! We are getting super close to the half-way point! This week has been very exciting for me, I have felt more "flutters" in my stomach than the weeks before! It's amazing.... after I eat or drink something he/she goes to town! It feels so neat, I can only imagine what is to come! You can tell from the pics that there is quit a change from week 17 to week 19.... my stomach has doubled and I am starting to feel pregnant! It's so neat.... people in the grocery store, mall.. etc are starting to notice and ask when I am due. They don't give you that strange look of whether you are pregnant or have developed a gut! We find out in 5 days if baby Carroll is a boy or girl??? Brent and I both have speculations that it is a boy.... have no idea why.... I guess we will just have to find out! Yes, we do have names picked out for both... stay tuned for this VERY exciting news!!!


brandim0123 said...

hey mary... you look awesome! when do you find out the sex?


Mary Carroll said...

Thanks! We find out in a few hrs!