Wednesday, August 20, 2008


IT'S A BOY!!!!! It's all blue from here!!! Brent and I are so excited...Brent is all smiles, he is so excited that he is going to have a son! I am too of course! Baby Carroll also has a name.... Owen Thomas. Owen is Brent's middle name as well as his grandmother's last name and Thomas is my maiden name. This name is perfect... we decided this months ago if this were a boy that would be his name! Owen is still expected in the beginning of January... consequently Brent's birthday is January 2... we'll see... they may have the same birthday! How neat would that be? Stay tuned for ultrasound pictures and nursery plans and pics to come!!!! Let the fun begin!!!
20 weeks


zcurves said...

Mary- You look sooo pretty! Ronya and I are very excited for you both - we can't wait to see 'Mr. Owen' and the rest of you. I think that the baby's name is just great. It is very fitting and masculine. Brent is going to be such a good daddy, he has a good example to follow in William. Be sure to take lots of pictures especially of when Brent changes diapers after an all-nighter! Ha! Whew -What excitement to come! We love you guys (and Brent too) ;)
Andrew and Ronya

Mary Carroll said...

Thank you so much. We are so excited and can not wait for baby Owen to arrive...although he still has quite a while. I will defintely post pics of Brent changing diapers...and all the other fun stuff that we have yet to learn!!!
We love you- tell the girls hi and sent them our love as well.
Mary and Brent