Saturday, October 1, 2011

O's Exciting News

Owen has some very exciting news he would like to share with everyone...

Yep, that's right...he is going to be a big brother next April. We are extremely blessed and excited about being a family of four next year. The expected arrival date is April 12!

Owen is so excited!! He loves to rub my tummy at night and tell the baby good night, see you soon. He also says he is going to share Thomas, his blanket, milk, and all his toys with the baby. He is going to make such a great brother...I can imagine that he is going to want to help with everything! (probably a little too much at times...ha)

Stayed tuned for more updates....we find out what the baby's sex is the week of Thanksgiving....heartbeat has been relatively high (170ish) so according to the old wives tale that spells GIRL! We will see :-) I will take either....just a healthy normal baby is my prayer.

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carroll1954 said...

Little Man, we're so excited for you. Just think, you're going to be a "big brother". We know you will be the best "big brother" in the world.

We love you,

Papa and Mimi