Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's a BOY!!!

Guess what? We are having another boy!!!! We couldn't be happier.....more importantly, everything looks great and the baby is growing and developing wonderfully...that is a true blessing!  I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and I didn't expect to find out. Brent had already planned to come to the next one so that we could find out together.  Dr. Ross did an ultrasound to check on fluids, etc, and in the middle of it she asked me, "Do you want to know".....wow...I was shocked...I knew Brent would understand. She said you are having a BOY!!! She double and tripled checked and yep it's a boy for sure ;-) She also said that this is a very active baby....every single ultrasound I have had, he is bouncing all over the place, which might explain why I can already feel him move...what a great feeling. I love that feeling, it's my favorite part of being pregnant! 24 more weeks and I get to meet him! Can't wait!

Our sweet baby boy sucking his thumb....we are in love again!!
Big brother is getting all ready! He is so excited...and so sweet to me. He always tells me to be careful. I love how he looks out for me. I love this little man so much! I cannot believe that I am going to have 2 boys!!! We are so blessed in every way. 

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