Tuesday, November 15, 2011

FOL Halloween Party

Owen's preschool had their Halloween party the Wednesday before Halloween. This year, given O's slight obsession with trains, we decided he would enjoy being a train conductor. We bought his some striped bib overalls, borrowed a hat, and used a red bandana. 

He looked so cute and he really enjoyed dressing up in his costume. He put his train whistle he got at Day out with Thomas at Tweetsie in his pocket and he was all set. You could hear him saying "all aboard". It was too cute.

The party was at 10:00. so afterwards, he left with me.  Instead of going home we decided to head to the Farmer's Market to check out the pumpkin house and grab a pumpkin. The weather was gorgeous!!  What a perfect day to take advange of these few far in between perfect fall days!
Owen had a great time! 

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