Sunday, October 5, 2008

26 weeks and pictures of the nursery

Okay, so I am VERY behind!!!! Here are the latest pictures of me at 26 weeks!! I am so excited in one week I will be entering my last trimester!!!! It's getting closer! Brent has been on top of things... painting, putting the bed together, and helping me hang and iron Owen's drapes. He has been so much help! What a WONDERFUL husband! We have our first shower next weekend and we are super excited about filling his room up with lots of neat things. As you can see, so far his nursery is rather empty... that will change soon...I will keep you posted as we continue to decorate it. Only 13 and 1/2 more weeks until we meet our precious angel!
The nursery so far....

26 1/2 weeks!

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Cassidy said...

Hey Mary! So glad I found your blog - you look great! Check mine out as well - - I love it! I love your nursery - the furniture and curtains look great - can't wait to hear more about baby Owen! -Cassidy