Sunday, May 10, 2009

My First Mother's Day

Today is a very special day for first mother's day! We have had quite a busy day. After breakfast this morning, I opened my lovely presents from my little man. He gave me a charm for my bracelet with his initials and birthdate engraved on it, a gift card from The Loft (one of Mommy's favorite places), and a cute pink Nike gym bag. Each one was very special and I can't wait to go shopping. We had a cookout at our house this afternoon and Mimi, Papa, Uncle Kev and Aunt Kev came to celebrate with us. My parents are on a two-week vacation out west, so they weren't able to be here...happy travels Gramps & Grammy. The weather was absolutely perfect and we enjoyed lots of good food and relaxing on the porch afterwards. We then took an excursion to Babies R Us to get Owen a sleep positioner so he won't roll over on his back during the night. Of course, while we were there we had to get him a little toy...not at his request, but we couldn't resist and it had been a good while since we had gotten him a new one. Now, we are relaxing and watching some TV while Owen takes a nap. This day has been perfect and I am thankful for my family.

Love my family!!! I am so blessed!

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Cassidy said...

what a great family photo!! i can't believe how big owen is getting ... i need to see him again soon! :) what a cutie!