Monday, July 27, 2009

6 Months Update

It's hard to believe Owen is 1/2 year old...another 6 months and our baby will be one year old. Owen never ceases to amaze me with his ever developing personality and melt-your-heart smiles. We received another glowing report from the doctor. In her own words, "he is perfect". He weighed 17 lb 9oz and was 26 1/4 in length. Over the past few months, Owen has become quite the sleeper..yeahhhh...we are getting 11 hrs a night on average...hope I'm not speaking too soon... He can somewhat sit independently- topples over occasionally. He loves his toys ...and even more so remotes, cups, and keys....everything goes straight to his mouth. Better get ready and start baby-proofing the house. hahaha He shows no signs of crawling, except for the occasional scoot backwards that he likes to do. He also loves to watch people and is very observant....I better get ready for this one...he doesn't miss a trick!!!

Loves to stick his tongue out when he smiles

Sitting up like a big boy

Another shot of the tongue

Loves his baths!!! I think he is going to be like his mommy and LOVE the water :)


carroll1954 said...

Owen's THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love u


Cassidy said...

Seriously, these are some of the cutest pictures ever. He is such a ham! :)